Fitbit Sense review: The decent watch

The Fitbit Sense comes with a lot of health-oriented features. The wearables are developing in times of the pandemic. Fitbit is doing a good job of the same. It is a smart-looking smartwatch but is smaller and more minimalist when it comes to buttons or crowns. There are no buttons on the Sense. This groove is very Fitbit, against the muscle memory of wearing a watch. It is a little bit of extra pressure use in the case of a regular button.

The Sense uses a rubber strap with its charger which snaps magnetically onto the watch. There are red and green lights from the heart rate sensor at the back. It is trying to differentiate itself by giving an array of health features to find all together in one single device.

It does all the things like answering calls to showing notifications, controlling music, and setting alarms and reminders. It is the integration of Google Assistant — remember Google now owns Fitbit. The Sense has the regular fitness counts with accuracy to expect from a Fitbit. The sleep data is quite good showing different stages of sleep. It also scans blood oxygen levels in the background. There is the ECG app with the EDA scan to checks electrodermal activity to see if you are stressed out.

The Fitbit Sense has good battery life. For a fully-loaded smartwatch, six-day battery life is quite good. Users have to charge the device only once a week and still be able to make voice calls, get GPS all the time, and health data collected in the background. It is a very capable watch that is not discouraging in any way. It becomes very relevant in these times which worried about our health.

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