Independence Day 2021 to download stickers, frames, GIFs and send them on WhatsApp

India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day tomorrow. The country will celebrate the unity in diversity of the nation by making calls or exchanging messages on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. Some of the best stickers or GIFs to send wishes on WhatsApp. There are a few apps on the Play Store having quotes for Independence Day.

Steps are listed below to use the app

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and type “Independence Day stickers” on the search bar and download the “Independence Day – August 15 Stickers WA & Frames” app.

Step 2: Once you install it, open it and tap on “Open Stickers packs.”

Step 3: The list of Independence Day sticker packs. Just tap on any one of them and check out stickers.

Step 4: For the desired sticker pack, just tap on the “+” icon, which is visible on the right side of every sticker pack.

Step 5: It displays the names of two apps, Whatsapp and Signal, needs to press on the one you are using.

Step 6: The user gets a message asking whether to “ADD” the sticker pack and find the “Independence Day stickers in the Stickers section of WhatsApp.

If a user downloaded the above-mentioned app, then need to go to the “Start Frame Creation” section where display a bunch of Independence Day frame to select any one of them. Then, add your photo, then download and then upload it on WhatsApp or Facebook.

GIFs are always better than sending stickers and express emotions in a better way with a GIFs tab in the emoji section. User can also visit to download any GIF. It doesn’t force you to send just links to the GIFs you select.

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