Poly Studio P15 video bar review

The Poly Studio P15 has an award-winning for its camera bar. It is essentially elegant looking but large appear on top of the PC screen or a tripod if you are using a laptop. It can house a 4K camera, with a lens and projectors with a good quality microphone and built-in speakers which is better than what comes in your PC. The Poly is large and does feel on the top of the screen where I had seated it initially. The bar connects to the PC via a USB-C cable and needs a power adapter to start.

Poly Studio P15 video bar has a good camera with wide-angle and clear audio. It can start the bar without its software by just selecting the camera from the preferences. The 4K camera in the P15 is pretty good to keep me in focus for a clear view. It does these smooth zoom-ins. Just use the Poly app to pan and tilt the camera. It also cuts out noise to a large extent and in zoom calls to hear by a fan in the background. It is an amazing accessory for those who spend a lot of time on video calls.

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