Google Stadia First Official Game With ‘Direct Touch’ Controls

Google Stadia was adding a new update that included touchscreen controls and Android App TV support. Users will play games on Stadia using the proprietary controller, third-party controllers, a mouse and keyboard, and now touchscreen controls. It can use touch screen controls on games when played on devices such as a phone or tablet. The game will implement ‘Direct Touch’ to detects multitouch inputs. The actions like gestures are converted to controls in games. It finds out more about the controls and how they function in the game.

The game has a share feature called the Stadia’s State Share Feature. It allows a friend to pick up when you left off through the sharing of a screenshot of a short video clip. We can’t know how controls will work but for a game like Humankind, these controls seem to have been built from the ground up.

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