Google’s ‘About this Result’ panel will add more context around search results

Google will display information about the sources like search terms, language, and location that connected the result to the search. This ‘About this Result’ panel will add more contextual information to search results. It shows more contextual information around search results, with a new ‘About this Result’ panel. This feature is back at its I/O annual developer conference in May. The users will get a deeper dive into a particular set of search results.

Google has said that the “three dots next to most results” will reveal this extra contextual information. The users “make sense of the information and figure out which result will be most useful. While it can seem complex, some of these fundamental concepts are quite simple, and can be useful for people to understand when they start searching.”

This ‘About this Result’ panel will “show searchers information about some of these most important factors used by Google Search to connect results to their queries,”.

Factors do Google consider displaying certain results to a search query

Matching keywords:
When a webpage contains the same keywords as your search.

Related terms

Google’s search systems determined are related to those used in the query.

Looking at links

When other pages link to a page using similar words as the query. This can also be a helpful indicator for online content creators.

Local relevance

The factors like the language you’re using to search as well as the country and location also search content relevant for the area.

About This Result show search techniques to modify the search to get the most optimum results. It is bringing out in English in the US to start with to more people in the coming months.

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