Reliance Jio launches emergency data loan facility

Reliance Jio declared openly a new emergency data loan facility for users to get instant data on loans when, if they run out of it. The amount has to be paid later. It is helpful for users who are unable to recharge immediately. It has introduced data packs for its subscribers. The data packs offer unlimited calls, SMS and many more but also offer with free subscriptions to streaming apps.

Jio subscribers will take data loans instantly and pay for the data later. This new plan save you from a crisis to recharge the number instantly with a new data pack. Jio subscribers allowed to borrow up to 5 emergency data loan packs of 1GB priced at Rs 11.

Steps to borrow an emergency loan from Jio

• Open MyJio App on the phone and go to the menu on the top left of the page. Jio App is to borrow a data pack.

• Select ‘Emergency Data Loan’ under the Mobiles services option.

• Tap on Proceed on the emergency data loan option

• Select the “get emergency data option”.

• Tap on activate to get the 1GB loan pack.

• Tap on the activate button, the pack gets activated automatically.

• Subscribers will also clear their loan amount on the same page of the MyJio app.

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