Apple ProMotion when coming to iPhones

Apple has a high refresh rate implementation. Apple may bring its ProMotion tech to its phones. The High refresh rate displays are very common on Android devices. The 90Hz or 120Hz display can be on mid-range devices and flagship devices, while Android phones have 144Hz panels.

The tech was approved by Apple iPad Pro models called ProMotion. The cheaper Android devices have 90Hz and 120Hz display panels. These are fixed refresh rate displays at either 60Hz or 90Hz or 120Hz. The display panels can dynamically adjust themselves with on-screen content and are found on higher-priced products.

ProMotion can take the refresh rate up to 120Hz with numbers between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on the content on the screen. It does not support extra higher-refresh rate displays while the screen does not waste battery to refresh 120 times every second.

If the stationary screen is reading a page or looking at a picture. The screen will tone down the refresh rate dynamically to save up battery life.

The Apple iPhone 12 series expected to bring in ProMotion display panels of the high-refresh-rate screens having flagship Android phones. The entire iPhone 12 series skipped the feature. It will come with the iPhone 13 series.

The High refresh rates are becoming common on gaming-focused laptops and content-creation machines. However, mainstream laptops get a taste of higher-refresh rate displays. The same goes for Appleā€™s MacBook lineup operate at 60Hz. However, Apple can bring ProMotion to the MacBook Pro 2021 or iMac 2021. Apple is set to disclose its new iPad Pro, and other products at the April 20 event.

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