Samsung working on a tri-fold tablet with new S-Pen support

The new Samsung tablet has two hinges and can fold into three parts. The folding tablet is expected to be the feature with a new Ultra-Thin Glass implementation going to be thicker.

Samsung is going to become the first smartphone to create a foldable smartphone back in 2019. The three-hinged devices have a dedicated Z lineup for devices to fold into half. Samsung’s next Z-series is expected to be a three-part folding tablet.

Gizmochina said that Samsung is working on a new folding device which is expected to be a three-part folding tablet. This device has a feature of not one, but two hinges to support the tri-folding mechanism.

Samsung is not the first brand to venture while the Tech brand TCL has already made a prototype for the same into the new design. Samsung’s implementation will end up being the first device where users purchase. The report also said that the tablet is going to be launched in Q1 2022 and may call the Galaxy Z Fold Tab. All official details on the product are expected to be held in August.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab going to support a hybrid S-Pen, expected to launch with the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a few months. The new stylus is expected to have more functionality than Samsung’s older implementations. The new tablet is going to expect a better UTG as per the report. The thicker implementation is introduced in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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