Google Meet gets new features for teachers and students

Google Meet gives more control for teachers to end calls and mute everyone. It has announced over 50 new features. The features include education products in Classroom, Meet, and Chrome. The teachers are getting more control with options to end meetings for everyone, mute all students, moderation tools.

Teachers going to end meetings for everyone on the call, including in breakout rooms. It prevents students from staying on even after the teacher has left the call. The teachers have the option to mute all participants at once. It also gives teachers the option to control where students can unmute and can speak.

Google Meet gets access to moderation controls like who can join meetings, use the chat, or share their screen. It is also adding emoji reactions for students in Meet. It will be under the control of teachers and admins.

Google makes Classroom and Meet work together better. The Meetings are generated from Classroom which requires teachers to join first and Meet to know who’s on the Classroom roster. Every teacher in Classroom will be a meeting host by default. The meetings that aren’t from Classroom get to support multiple hosts.

Google Meet’s admin has the option for school leaders to agree to join video calls. It has also made “significant improvements” to the performance of Meet on Chromebooks for better audio, video, and multitasking capabilities.

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