Motorola launch smartphones globally, partnered with Bullitt

Bullitt has partnered with Motorola to bring shock and drop-proof devices under the Motorola moniker and to bring rugged devices Bullitt co-founder said, “This is a unique strategic alliance”. Bullit is the brand behind the CAT and Kodak smartphones.

The Bullitt company said in the statement that “Bullitt Group, the global leader in award-winning, rugged mobile phones, has agreed to a long term, the exclusive global strategic brand partnership to develop and market rugged mobile phones bearing the iconic Motorola brand. This is a unique strategic alliance, as it allows Bullitt to apply its expertise to the Motorola portfolio of products. Motorola invented the mobile phone and remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. To be entrusted by Motorola to create a portfolio of Motorola branded rugged phones, bears testament to the exceptional business we have built at Bullitt over the last 11 years.”

Motorola has a strong portfolio of smartphones and this partnership with Bullitt expand its portfolio and reach amongst the consumers. It offers a clean minimal user interface. The conclusion would not be enticing devices but certainly, appeal to huge masses. Motorola has sold a few rugged phones like Motorola Defy, Motorola Droid and Motorola Z/Z2 Force, etc. The Chinese smartphone is looking to get back to those origins. This time Motorola won’t be manufacturing them on its own. This merger brings to the tables no information on when these devices will make it to the consumers.

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