Bada Business EdTech startup expands workforce

Bada Business gives online business training and skilling programs for entrepreneurs and reached Rs 100 crore revenue mark in FY 20-21. It expands its workforce by 300% this financial year, it will add more than 300 employees to its workforce across the country with the demand for digital learning after the Covid 19 outbreak.

The company currently has an expansion with a focus on establishing new branch offices in Tier II and Tier III cities. It has the hiring process as it plans to open 75 new branch offices in the country.

Vivek Bindra, founder, and CEO, Bada Business said that “In a post-Covid environment not only has digital learning witnessed a boost, there has also been a surge in requirement for up-skilling and business training for entrepreneurs looking to adapt their businesses to the new normal. We have witnessed a soaring demand for our business skilling courses and programs, particularly from the MSME sector. We are responding to this surge by increasing our presence across the country and expanding our workforce,”.

The edtech sector already experiences impressive growth with a major advance in post-Covid as digital learning became a standard rather than the exception. The sector grew with professionals and senior students upskill through digital courses and programs. It offers a series of digital business learning courses ranging from 2 months to 2 years.

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