Firefox 85 for Android once again to play DRM content from Netflix, Spotify, and Prime Video

Firefox’s rebuilt Android browser is gradually gaining back lost features to play DRM-protected content. After updating the android phone, users will get the small dialog at the top of the page asking if they want to play the DRM content. Firefox updating several features, that are slowly being added back by the company.

One of the features is back which is important for any modern browser. Its ability to play DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected video. Firefox for Android previously play music and video from Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime If the user grants the permission or accidentally tapped deny and want to change the decision, he can over to the browser’s settings and configure the option on a per-site basis. The arrival of Firefox ‘Daylight’ removed that capability along with support for add-ons, including the removal of the dead Adobe Flash Player.

The browser added support for Network Partitioning to blocks sites from sharing fonts and other cached data, to stop tracking and probing of users. The performance strike from disabling the shared caches is the least. Users may find the feature default, goes live after they update to Firefox 85.

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