YouTube users can share 5-60 second ‘Clips’ soon

Users can send YouTube Clips in a few easy steps. It is still under testing soon be available to the public. It is available to a small group of creators to share small clips from videos. These clips are short as 5 seconds but not longer than 60 seconds. It currently allows users to share videos that start at a particular time. YouTube makes it possible to share selecting the bits of a video. Clips will be used to share bits from Live YouTube videos.

Users can share small video clips via URLs in a few steps.

1) Open an eligible video on YouTube, and find the Clip icon under the video shaped like a pair of scissors. After clicking on this icon, you get a ‘Create Clip’. Select on the video ranging between 5 and 60 seconds. Try this on the following clip by opening it on YouTube first.

2) Then, give the Clip a title and hit the ‘Share Clip’ button. Afterward, choose from various sharing options including social networks like Facebook and Twitter or embed Clip or Email it. Alternatively, simply copy the link, and then manually you can paste it anywhere.

Available to both YouTube on desktop and Android app where Clips will soon go to the public and reach a lot more users. It is not available for iOS users and soon implements the feature for Apple devices.

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