DigiBoxx offer 26GB free storage on Republic Day

Desi Google Drive which is known as DigiBoxx. DigiBoxx is offering 26GB of free storage to new users on Republic Day. Users who sign-up on January 26, 2021, will be eligible to avail of the special offer for the Republic Day week with the vow to benefit indigenous products and services. All users who take the vow during the Republic Day week will be provided 26 GB of free storage space.

DigiBoxx is the cloud service provider that contends that data is encrypted and stored in servers in India. The non-offer period costs are concerned where users can start by making a free DigiBoxx account and get 20GB free storage. The maximum size limit for individual files is 2GB. Users opt for plans at Rs 30 per month and get 5TB storage with a size limit of 10GB for individual files. The company is offering 50TB storage for up to 500 users at Rs 999 For business people. The file size needs to be under 10G and offers Gmail integration.

DigiBoxx is accessible on Android and iOS and accesses on PCs through the web. The service is to share files without requiring to create a Digiboxx account which is called InstaShare where it can share content up to 2GB for free using an email-ID or mobile number. A link is created and used by the recipient to download the shared files. The company will stores the files for 45 days then, the links become invalid and the data gets deleted.

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