YouTube brings Hashtag Landing Pages a New Way to Discover Videos

YouTube using hashtags as earlier it only showed content related to the hashtag. It enables deeper integration with hashtags. Hashtag landing pages are usable on mobile and desktop versions. The creator inside the channel shows searching hashtags possible. Now, YouTube shows the “best videos” on the top of the hashtag landing page.

YouTube on its Google support page said that this new feature help users to discover videos through hashtags. The social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter made extensive use of hashtags over the years. YouTube use scratched the surface. The new hashtag landing pages available through both the YouTube apps on Android and iOS and its desktop version.

YouTube helps users to discover videos by grouping content together. Then, clicking on a hashtag on YouTube show videos to use the particular hashtag combined with a lot of related content. Clicking on a hashtag brings the user to a dedicated page of the videos that use the particular hashtag.

Google said the dedicated page will be sorted in a way that the best videos appear on the top. Like, click on #gaming showed videos that the hashtag landing pages do show more specific results for videos compared to just searching for the phrase. This feature will be available over the coming days or weeks. The hashtag landing pages on YouTube bring both mobile and desktop.

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