Apple Launch@Apple Mentorship Programme for College Students

Launch@Apple will match students with Apple mentors and provide resources for learning. The Students are instructed to apply for Launch@Apple by January 8, 2021. They may get chances for job shadowing and paid internships and also for the students who have a parent or guardian without a college degree.

This program Launch@Apple is for students who are in the first or second year of college.
Launch@Apple is a mentorship program, conducted for encouraging first-generation college students majoring in finance, economics, and accounting. The program provides resources for “learning and opportunities for personal and professional growth,” as per a document.

It is rumoured that Launch@Apple is for first-generation college freshmen and sophomores majoring in specific subjects. It is intended to major in finance, economics, accounting, or relating to business, mathematics, commerce, or data analytics are eligible for Launch@Apple.The program will “focus on the essentials to manage and then excel in school and work.”

The mentorship program contains 18-19 questions which are to be filled and sent to by January 8, 2021. This program is updated by Apple engineer Logan Kilpatrick tweeted about the opportunity a few days ago.

Apple also said that the program is for students who are “eager to learn about working in finance in a fast-paced, innovative environment.”

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