WHO’s COVID-19 Updates app is available

The updated app gives users up-to-date information on the pandemic in their areas. It also includes general safety precautions along with Mythbusters and a list of symptoms. It is currently only available in Nigeria and likely to launch in other regions at a later time.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) going to launch a new mobile application to create understanding and give the latest updates on the pandemic. The app is named ‘WHO COVID-19 Updates’, in which the new app features have trustworthy information regarding the pandemic. The WHO COVID-19 Updates app doesn’t have contact tracing features.

WHO had disclosed an identical mobile app back in April this year, which was soon taken down since it seemingly wasn’t meant for general availability. It is more oriented towards using up-to-date news and safety advice to limit the spread of the virus.

When the app gets your location, it can show you the latest COVID-related news and updates relating to your region. The home screen of the app demonstrates a count of the number of coronavirus cases in your country and globally. The app can also send you real-time announcements on the latest updates.

The app also features a Check-Up tab spotlighting a list of COVID-19 related evidence, both serious and mild. The Learn tab in the app also notifies you of travel-related updates. Scrolling down, you can see a list of fundamental hygiene practices that can be taken care of to lessen the chances of catching the virus.

Common misconceptions and explanations around the COVID-19 virus can also be found in the app. Ultimately, there’s a link where you can provide to the COVID-19 Response Fund.

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