Windows 11 to get altered Snipping Tool, Calculator, Mail apps, more

Microsoft revises its built-in apps with Windows 11. The Snipping Tool offers an improved experience with added functionality. It focuses more on the visual style to complement the look and feel of Windows 11. The updated app includes the Calculator, Mail, and Calendar apps. Windows 11’s new Snipping Tool will come in a new visual style to offer added functionality and richer editing.

It comes with a new settings page and can take screenshots using the WIN + SHIFT + S keyboard shortcut while after taking the screenshot, the snipping menu will offer options. It also provides editing tools for annotations and improved cropping. It will sync better with the native Windows Theme. If the dark mode is turned on, then the app will also appear in the grey scheme.

The Calculator app is also getting a new design with Windows 11 and sync better with the theme of the OS. It is rewritten in C# so that more people can contribute to it. It also offers a Programmer Mode to offer the functionality required for programming and engineering.

Windows is also set to revise its Mail and Calendar apps. The apps will provide the added rounded corners and other adjustments to look more in sync with the new Windows 11 design.

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