Signal and WhatsApp have a disappearing message feature

Signal and WhatsApp both have disappearing messages features but can notify senders when a screenshot of their view has been taken. Signal updates to its disappearing messages feature. It added a new feature to let users set a custom timer duration for all its disappearing messages. The enhanced disappearing messages feature now by giving customization options to users. It manually configures the disappearing messages feature of all the individual chats and group chats. The users can now preconfigure all conversations including group, individual chats with a default timer. Signal has also added the ability to set custom timer durations on your conversations.

Signal said in a blog post, “Disappearing messages provide a way to keep your message history tidy. When enabled for a conversation, messages will be deleted for the sender and recipients after the specified time. This is not for situations where your contact is your adversary — after all, if someone who receives a disappearing message really wants a record of it, they can always use another camera to take a photo of the screen before the message disappears,” the company said.

WhatsApp does not have a screenshot detection feature. It will not notify users when the screenshot of the view once media is taken. WhatsApp users can send view once media to trusted contacts only because the feature can be exploited using multiple ways. The messaging app did not roll out any additional features or tools to stop users from misusing the view once media feature.

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