Zeb-MagSecure review: MagSafe Goodness at Rs 849

If iPhone users want to experience the magnetic wireless charging experience without breaking the bank, the Zeb-MagSecure is an outstanding option. The small disc-like MagSafe charger is attached magnetically to the back of the new iPhones keeping them in place while charging them. Appleā€™s MagSafe charger comes for a very pricey Rs 4,500. It is like a charger for your iPhone that will cost you anywhere about Rs 1,500-2,000 at least.

Zeb-MagSecure is the good option for anyone wanting MagSafe charging goodness at a relatively low price Rs 2,999, but it is available for a surprising Rs 849 on Amazon and on other e-retailers.

The branding and text on the charger does take away from the looks of the Zeb-MagSecure with an aluminium body. It has a charging pad having the same size as the MagSafe charger. It has magnets that attach to the back of phones that support it and it also has a 1-metre cable with a USB Type C connector at the end which can be plugged into an in-wall charger. It supports PD chargers the really fast charger.

The branding on the charging pad does detract from its appearance and the magnets are not quite as strong. The charging cases can sometimes be a bit of a hit and miss to recommend taking the phone out of the case and then charging it. It will notice a bit of heating with no reason for alarm. It comes with built-in protection and the brand does have a good track record.

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