Twitter with India’s new rules to keep its legal immunity

Twitter intends to “fully comply” with India’s new social media rules after the government’s lack of compliance legally liable for its user’s posts. In the government’s filing, a lawyer was appointed an interim chief compliance officer with a grievance officer and an employee to law enforcement requests. Twitter is required to fill each of the roles under new regulations. Twitter setting up an India liaison office in the next eight weeks.

Social media platforms take down content in response to legal challenges not considered liable for it in the first place. India’s government will be able to take action against the company. The company was given a deadline of two weeks. The appointing employees to the relevant positions in response to the regulations.

The legal action marked an escalation of the tensions between Twitter and the Indian government. It will comply with the rules which reserves the right to challenge their legality and validity. Twitter is not the only large tech firm to clash with the Indian government over its new regulations while WhatsApp with the government trace the origins of messages sent on its platform.

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