Microsoft Teams brings Together Mode for small virtual groups

Microsoft support for smaller meetings in Together Mode as previously at least five people were instructed in a room to allow Together Mode. It is conducted at making people feel like they are sitting in the same room with other participants’ non-verbal cues. The new feature work for one person to sit alone in a café environment from the comfort of their homes and brainstorm. Together Mode uses AI-powered segmentation for participants for shared background.

Together Mode is currently in developer Beta preview and the support for smaller gatherings in Together Mode. It is tweaking the UI for Teams like the front row in Teams Rooms for the immersive room layout. Microsoft interactions feel more natural and give in-room participants for connection to remote participants. So, participants are face to face with each other. The chat window is visible on the main screen for users to see the chat along with the video.

Microsoft Teams brings new video layouts that distribute the video gallery across multiple displays when content is not shared. Teams going to get live reactions, a spotlight, and the ability to pin multiple video streams and chat bubbles. The video calling platform brings a Together Mode-like feature called immersive view with meeting hosts to arrange up to 25 participants into a single virtual background. Zoom meetings are more fascinating and collaborative.

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