Track it live Cyclone yaas using Esri India’s GIS map

Esri India, an Indian Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions provider, has created a map to follow Cyclone Yaas Live Path. It is about to hit India’s East Coast and predicted that the cyclone will turn into a severe storm on May 25, before landfall near Odisha’s Balasore coast. It is equally significant to be ready with up-to-date information on the cyclone’s path and other improvements.

The map is built with ArcGIS Online, Esri’s mapping, and an analytics system. It provides updates on the cyclone and relevant elements using inputs from IMD. The map is strengthening the information from several authoritative feeds and sources for an integrated view on the movement and impact of Cyclone Yaas. The page itself is optimized to run properly on desktop browsers and phones. The relevant information gets by zooming into the map. This includes shelter locations, weather, and wind station data from satellite imagery.

Esri India said that “The objective is to give a common view to relevant authorities, departments and social organizations to maximize reach-out to citizens so that there is timely action for the safety of life and property. The Cyclone Yass Live Path Map is specifically created to provide updates leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology,”

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