Tidal offers offline listening on the Apple Watch

Tidal is now available on the Apple Watch, allowing subscribers to stream music directly to Apple’s wearable or download it for offline listening while Spotify and Deezer both also announced similar offline listening features for the Apple Watch last week. Subscription prices for Tidal start at $9.99 a month. It has sold itself on the quality of its audio streaming like lossless playback and even hi-res streaming. Spotify’s lossless HiFi tier is set to launch later this year. Apple Music support for lossless and hi-res streaming next month. Tidal’s high audio quality won’t translate to its Apple Watch app.

Analysis from Digital Music News puts Tidal’s rates ahead of Spotify, Apple, and Deezer. Where the trend is set to continue after Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Square recently attained a majority stake in the streaming service for $297 million.

“Square created ecosystems of tools for sellers & individuals and we’ll do the same for artists,” the CEO tweeted at the time, “We’ll work on entirely new listening experiences to bring fans closer together, simple integrations for merch sales, modern collaboration tools, and new complementary revenue streams.”

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