Google develop price tracking feature for Chrome

Goggle is bringing a new price tracking feature to alert about price drops. SmartDroid reports that the Chrome monitors will open tabs for the price drops, and sends a notification if any happens. It is useful for the functionality of the Android app, which isn’t compatible with price tracking extensions like Keepa. Here, Google finds a sleeker solution before the feature comes.

Once enabled, the feature is accessible from the settings menu in the tab selection screen. The tool shows “See price drops on your tabs.” It can turn via the three-dot settings menu in the top right of the tab select screen where it’s documented as “Track prices.” It manually enables it by going to “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout” in the address bar, tapping into the drop-down menu, and selecting “Enabled Price notifications.” The browser needs to be restarted again before the feature appears. The technique doesn’t work for everyone and not able to enable the feature using this method.

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