Google launches Threadit, a TikTok-like short video for professionals

Threadit lets professionals record small videos to their team members to convey their point of view or convey something that missed saying in a meeting. Google has launched a new short video platform called Threadit. It will be available on the chrome browser or as a chrome extension. This app is not for entertainment purposes. It is useful for people who are not expressing their views in front of a larger audience. The professionals can record their opinion about something and send it to members of their manager.

Google has not launched a separate app for this so Threadit will be available on the chrome browser or as a chrome extension. This express better than emails or chats. General Manager said that “We use Threadit to show each other our progress, ask questions, or request feedback without needing to coordinate schedules. This helps us reduce unnecessary meetings while still becoming a tighter-knit team. We have more time to think and do focused work, and the meetings we keep are more effective and easier to schedule for everyone,”

This new extension minimizes the need for a video meeting. To use Thread, just speak straight to the camera and hit the record button. The short clips in Threadit will stitch them all together into one cohesive video message. The tool is stitching the video and send it to the team which will attach to the email as well. To use the extension, just sign to the website using the Gmail id. Threadit directly from the web browser or mobile device. It skips downloading the video and share the Threadit using the link.

Threadit manager said that “Threadit allowed us to hear from everyone on our team, not just the loudest voices in a live meeting. We had more control over our time and could contribute when we were each ready.”

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