Google Photos advanced editing tools

The advanced Google Photos editing tools are accessible only to users with subscriptions. It has been the default gallery app for some users with stock Android and the go-to media backup tool for others. The app has some neat photo editing tools which are exclusive to the Pixel phones.

These tools include Portrait Light, Portrait Blur, and managing the media. Presently, Google is offering these Pixel-exclusive editing features to all Google Photos users. Users should have the Google One subscription, Android 8 and above, and at least 3GB RAM.

In, Google Photos now adjust the lighting on the portrait photos. The new editing interface where now users can choose how shadows appear on the portrait shots, and which directions they face. Users just need to open the portrait photo on Google Photos, tap the edit button and apply the Portrait Light tool to the image. Proceed by sliding the finger around the picture to fine-tune is also available. It allows you to change the lighting on portrait pictures.

Portrait Blur users can add a depth effect to pictures with the lack of depth information. Users can add blur to the photos. It allows you to add depth to pictures with no depth information.

Open the photo on Google Photos and then tap the edit button where choose the Blur option, and slide the finger to choose how to blur the effect user wants on the photo.

A Google One membership includes these advanced photo editing tools and currently available in India in three variants. The 100 GB storage plan is usable for Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 per year. The 200 GB storage plan is usable for Rs 210 a month or Rs 2,100 a year. Ultimately, the 2TB plan is usable for Rs 650 per month, or Rs 6,500 a year.

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