Skype for Android updated with an updated feature

The latest update for the Skype Android application who use the app can blur their background during video calls. The video platform was latest 8.68 updates are now available across different types of devices. The iOS version of Skype already has the background blur feature.

Skype brings the update across all devices. It includes the ability to blur background during video calls on Skype for Android users. The background blur feature is available for iOS and desktop users. Now, Android users are finally updated with the Skype 8.68 update.

This will be incredibly useful if you don’t have an adequate place to administer a meeting or to enroll in the online class. If you don’t want to see the embarrassing background, you have to just need to do is to activate the blur effect.

Android users can enjoy the more customized reaction options in Skype. It should be remarked that Microsoft is making innovations for Skype beyond Android. Skype for iPhone and iPad have some major improvements like the Share extension with assistance for dark themes and overall achievement enhancements in the latest version 8.68.

Just follow these steps to activate the blur feature are described below:

• Start a video chat with any of the contacts.
• Click on the gear icon at the top right. Then, call the screen to open the Audio & Video Settings menu.
• While the menu pops up, click on the ‘Blur my background’ toggle to turn the feature on.
• Close the menu to return to call with a blurred background.

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