Government working on to develop the voice assistant

The Government on Friday asked for bids to develop a voice assistant identical to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. The Indian government is working on platforms similar to Alexa and Google Assistant to deliver e-governance services. The National E-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and IT has made proposals to build the conversational platform.

The AI-based platforms will interact with the public in multiple languages. It is expected to analyze beliefs and obtain data to give personalized services to users.

The UMANG platform hosts various apps that provide government services to citizens. It should be able to assist with general tasks such as registration, login, reset the password, department service related information, etc. It should also have other deep learning capabilities for the discovery and recommendation of eligible schemes and services to the users of applications. Users recommended best-fit schemes and services available in the government domain based on the profile of the individual. It can take the project four years to complete.

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