Robot disinfectant developed by Hyderabad Start-Up

The various artificial intelligence (AI) robots also specialize in research and development (R&D) on various real-time problems and setting up labs at various educational institutions. The robot is safe, credible, and removes human error. Its fight against the Corona pandemic of the ‘H-Bots Robotics’ has come up with a robotic disinfectant named ‘ACCORD’.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of H-Bots said that “Robotics has played an equal role to any other field of work that contributed to the ongoing pandemic situation.” Right from sanitisation to disinfection, robots can be used at various levels and can be used in food delivery and also used in doctor-patient interaction across the globe. It is an attempt to contribute to the fight against Covid-19.

Disinfectants are on a demand to work on a robotic disinfectant and develop it. The major difference was the cost reduction of the product and it’s functioning. ‘Accord’ will be available at a range between ₹2.5 lakh rupees to ₹7 lakh. It is available in manual, semi-manual, and autonomous variants.

India can be a performer in the field of robotics. Currently, the post-Covid situation has brought a better consumer in the field of robotics. Now, India will be not just a consumer of robotics products but a manufacturer also.

The Director of H-Bots said, “With the increasing demand for the robotics products, we are trying to bring ‘ACCORD’ to an international platform and are talking to other countries and international organisations.”

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