Google explains why Gmail, Youtube, and other services interrupt

Key points

• Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and others stopped working on Monday for the users.
• Google explained this vast outage.
• Google’s automated storage quota management system was the major cause of the interruption.

Google uses a developing suite of automation tools to manage the quota of various resources allocated for the services. This ongoing migration of the User to a new quota system with a change in October to register the User ID Service with the new quota system. Then the parts of the earlier quota system were incorrect for the usage for the User ID Service as 0. The quota restrictions delayed the impact and expired and trigger to decrease the quota for the User ID service and trigger the incident.

Gmail users across the globe were in a rude shock when Google services went down abruptly. Downtracker tracks web outages, nearly 10 minutes after the outage began. YouTube and Gmail seem worst-hit globally.

Google confessed to the users for the obstacle caused and improved its systems to prevent such things in the future. “We would like to apologize for the scope of impact that this incident had on our customers and their businesses. We take any incident that affects the availability and reliability of our customers extremely seriously, particularly incidents which span multiple regions,” Google said.

When Google services interrupted, people switch to different browsers to get their work done and tried to open Gmail and Youtube on different browsers like Firefox, and Safari browsers but their trick was not working. As Google Search is the service works without any directions.

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