Duolingo ways to learn non-Latin characters with a family plan

Duolingo’s virtual conference, the company add a family plan to its app, with new games and puzzles to help people learn languages that use non-Latin alphabets, such as Japanese or Arabic. The tab that will appear for some languages shows users a grid of letters in an alphabet, along with the sounds they make.

The family plan has six people with the benefits of Duolingo Plus, which includes no ads, unlimited hearts, mastery quizzes, and more. The ability to tap on symbols and hear their sounds of languages like Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, and the newly added Yiddish. There will also be lessons and some languages with games that involve tracing non-Latin characters or even building the character like a puzzle. It is adding a family payment plan, which has been repeatedly requested by users, to use its app given that the company at the end of July.

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