Flipkart’s new 3D camera with a new vision for AR in retail

Flipkart’s newly-launched 3D shopping features make buyers juxtapose furniture in their home environment using AR on the smartphone. This feature can give you a near-showroom-like experience. Scapic co-founder Sai Krishna VK’s take on how Augmented reality (AR) will change retail during the pandemic. The e-commerce giant is facilitating to shop for the next sofa or center table by using AR to ultimately be placed in the house.

Krishna and Ajay Poona Venkatesh in 2017, Scapic delivered WebXR-based solutions to clients across e-commerce and marketing and work exclusively on Flipkart camera. This is India’s largest augmented reality platform of services specifically for e-commerce.

There is no separate app needed for the augmented reality. Just open the existing Flipkart app, search for a furniture piece you are interested in, and press on the new button that says “View in your room”. It allows Flipkart customers to position and visualise a piece of furniture in their home before ordering.

Since Flipkart include augmented reality as part of the product’s story on its e-commerce where consumers with the new tech and buying furniture can be completely changed by AR. Augmented reality retailers like Flipkart interact with consumers by blending the physical and digital worlds, but the fact is that the ecosystem around AR is still missing. There is a need to create a use case that takes advantage of smartphone cameras that might help increase the mass adoption of AR.

AR is still at an experimental stage and founder said that . “AR as of today is a very specific and niche tool that can be used in order to make your workflows faster, save a lot of time, or make more money; only in these three areas, AR will operate now and in the next 12 months,”.

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