WhatsApp retain end-to-end encryption support on multi-device

WhatsApp supports multi-device available with end-to-end encryption. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app has auctioned its privacy-focused encryption. It is alleged to protect text and voice messages, photos, videos, documents, and calls in a way. So, it will not accessible by anyone except the sender and receiver. The same level of protection on multiple devices with syncing communication is not that easy which involves technical challenges.

WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo has end-to-end encryption which will be compatible with its upcoming multi-device support. The Screenshots shared by WABetaInfo demonstrated that the Facebook company solved the challenges involved in implementing end-to-end encryption to make the chats between where the users are protected while the messaging app on multiple devices. It enables end-to-end encryption when using multi-device support while bringing end-to-end encrypted backups. There is no exact timeline on available even for public beta testers.

WhatsApp uses Signal’s encryption protocol for end-to-end encrypted communication. The competitors including Google Messages to encompassed the same protection method to address privacy by digital activists. Since end-to-end encryption limits traceability on platforms with governments and regulators in the countries.

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