New features launched to Google Maps

Google Maps is getting new features that announced the ongoing Google I/O 2021. This new feature use machine learning and navigation information to avoid hard-braking moments along the drive. The updates were announced at the ongoing Google I/O 2021. The features include more detailed street maps, expansion to the existing Live View feature, and better navigational routes with the help of machine learning.

Google provides users with detailed street maps. It was initially announced last August in select areas. It brings in 50 more cities, including Berlin, São Paulo, and Seattle among others, by the end of 2021. Google Maps makes use of AI to confront obstacles such as sidewalks and crosswalks while planning their route. It can help pedestrians plan the most accommodating route. It will be very useful for people using a stroller or wheelchair.

Users can also access Live View right from the map and about nearby shops and restaurants. It uses its Live View feature to aid users to explore a new neighborhood. It helps users with real-world navigation. It shows helpful new street signs for complex intersections. It helps users avoid hard-braking moments during the drive and show the most optimized route. This service calculates multiple route options to the destination based on several factors.

Google Maps will adapt its user experience to individual users. It displays more breakfast places and coffee shops in the morning to help users to step out at the time. It can show dinner places. The service will better popular tourist destinations and landmarks. It expands to cover entire areas, like a neighborhood or a popular part of town. It helps users stay away from busy and crowded areas.

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