AirPods 3, Apple Music HiFi may a. launch on May 18

Apple going to announce on May 18 two things for the launch of AirPods 3, and the Apple Music HiFi streaming. The leak has come from YouTuber Luke Miani with the AppleTrack website. The announcement of AirPods 3 include the debut of Apple Music HiFi. Apple announced the AirPods Pro v happen for the AirPods 3. Apple expected to launch the AirPods 3 with the notable sources refuted it. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the AirPods 3 will not enter mass production. This suggests that it will launch alongside the new iPhones.

Apple AirPods 3 is expected to come with a shorter stem than the AirPods 2. AirPods 3 May has the Spatial Audio with the AirPods Max and the AirPods Pro to skip on the noise cancellation. The AirPods 3 cost ₹10,876 approx. Apple could bring HiFi support to the Apple Music app with high-fidelity audio streaming to Apple Music subscribers.

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