Zoom Escaper where users can disrupt own calls to leave early

The tool gives options to users like barking dogs, echo effects, bad connection effects, and where users fake an emergency and leave the call. The work continues to be shifted to home for a lot of people. ‘Zoom Fatigue’ is becoming a reality where users cannot escape out due to ethical reasons.

The video conferencing tools give rise to several tools to either enhance Zoom productivity and functionality or completely avoid it altogether. It allows users to disrupt their audio in a conference to escape a meeting saying that “Guys, I think my voice is breaking up” excuse.

The software is developed by VB-Audio and works by getting access to the microphone during the Zoom call. The users will first have to head over to the Zoom Escaper website have to download the VB-Audio tool and set it up to work with Zoom Escaper, which itself remains an online page. The tool works smoothly between your microphone and the audio that reaches the call.

Users will have a list of ‘Escape tools’ to choose from barking dogs, construction work, voice echo, crying baby, and more. After the call is done with simply head to the Zoom Escaper page to hit the ‘Stop’ button. It heads back to Zoom and switches to the actual default microphone. The users will themselves not be able to hear the effects that are disrupting the calls.

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