Instagram to add ‘Story Draft’ feature soon

Users will be able to save unfinished Instagram Stories as drafts. The arrival of this feature is its Twitter handle. It is all set to add a new Stories feature. This feature is how drafts work on Twitter. You come back to draft stories and complete them later. The social media didn’t indicate the exact date of the release.

The head of Instagram comes with the new feature is “coming soon.” These features are requested by Instagram users. The rest of the details are not known. The drafts feature is under development with the screenshots leaked online.

The screenshots leave an unfinished story. The small window pop-up on the screen on either save Stories as drafts or discard them with a new story. When you remove a story, Instagram has a message with previous edits erased and the user will not able to recover them.

When the user taps on the ‘Save Draft’ option, then there are the story edits in Instagram’s drafts section. This will not go live and able to access it later. There is also a ‘Cancel’ option, with just remove the dialog box, where users go back to story creation. If the user presses the back button on a story. This feature offers relief as the content will not get deleted. It is not known is there any limit to save story drafts on Instagram.

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