Google Chrome’s new update to be faster

This new update will make Google Chrome faster and more secure. Google announced via Chromium blog that the update of its web browser Chrome will now use the HTTPS protocol in an endeavor to make the search faster and secure than before. The popular web browser used to add HTTP instead of the HTTPS secure protocol to open a website.

All searches in the address bar will not include any protocol automatically to have the security protocol as default. For instance, if a user searches for Then, Chrome used to complete it as HTTP followed by, which will now alter. This protocol is going to follow by a user visits a website not visited before. There is no requirement to convert HTTP to HTTPS, for the loading speed to be faster.

The sites that still don’t support HTTPS where Chrome 90 will use HTTP. This protocol is followed when the HTTPS attempt is going to fail. These fails include certificate errors and connection errors. HTTP protects users “by encrypting traffic sent over the network, so that sensitive information users enter on websites cannot be intercepted or modified by attackers or eavesdroppers”.

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