WhatsApp users change playback speed of voice messages in future

The latest feature that WhatsApp was testing the ability to change the playback speed of voice messages. The crowd of new features to enhance the user experience. This feature is still under development. It is yet to make an official announcement.

According to Wabetainfo, “WhatsApp is finally testing an option to change the playback speed for voice messages. This feature is under development and it will be available in a future update for iOS and Android.” The feature has not come with the beta build as the tracker has not shared any screenshots of the feature yet. Users can increase the speed up to “2X” to save time while listening to the voice messages. May WhatsApp could bring this Telegram-like feature soon.

WhatsApp was also testing support chat threads which make users report issues from within the app. Users will report bugs directly to WhatsApp using the chatbox. Support Threads are verified end-to-end encrypted chats which are closed after the issue is fixed. The chat window will be closed when WhatsApp can settle the issue reported by the user. The feature is currently being developed and updated in the future.

WhatsApp protects the chat backups from intruders. WhatsApp is working on makes it impossible for the third-person to hack into a user’s WhatsApp chats backed up on third-party cloud platforms like Google Drive or iCloud. WhatsApp allows users to encrypt their backup with a password, and neither WhatsApp nor Google able to see the content.

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