Oppo going to launch its first fitness band

Oppo Band Style is going to be the company’s first fitness band launching on March 8. The fitness band is going to launch with the F19 series. It will come with 12 workout modes and an oximeter. It comes at a time when almost all its rivals have their versions. The other standard fitness band in the entry-level segment. Oppo Band Style is glorified to come with real-time heart rate monitoring and SpO2 measurement which give users their health metrics. It has 12 workout modes with a bit fewer than 14 modes on Realme Band which are enough to take care of most exercise regimes.

Oppo listed the features of the forthcoming Band Style. The fitness band with real-time heart rate monitoring detects the problems that the heart rate can indicate. It uses heart-rate monitoring with SpO2 monitoring to detect sleep disorders. It has a health-monitoring function that will keep sleep patterns. It also tells the user if there are any divergences from what is medically proposed.

SpO2 monitoring is blood oxygen level monitoring which is very useful ever since the pandemic. In this pandemic, there was a huge demand for oximeters. The Oppo Band Style is praised to conduct non-stop SpO2 monitoring 28,800 times—fully measuring the user’s body oxygen saturation.

The 12 workout modes on the Oppo Band Style have running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, Yoga among others. They are activated and logged into the HeyTap Health app, which is used for pairing the Oppo Band Style band with a phone. It will be supported on Android.

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