PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.20.1 available for download globally, but not in India

PUBG Mobile Lite is getting some new features with this update globally, but do not update for India now. It is now a new version available for players. This update is in the game and it will be done automatically. It is banned in India which is not available to download the APK in India.

This new version of PUBG Mobile Lite shrinks the map and lobby sizes in the games, making players run for their lives. If a player is connected in a battle with enemies, they require to assure they are within the circle that is slowly diminishing. The two-game versions are delisted from Android and iPhone’s app stores.

If the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 version is already installed on the phone, version 0.20.1 will be available as an in-game update. It does not need to download any extra files separately. The app will download the patch automatically and reboot to apply the new features available.

If you do not have any previous PUBG Mobile Lite on the device, the process is a little lengthier for you. Then, visit the PUBG Mobile Lite website and see the “APK Download” button and follow the screen instructions for that. After you have the permission, come back to the install screen and install the app. Remember to reboot the phone, to access the new features.

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