Use HomePod mini’s change music Handoff feature

The HomePod mini senses iPhone and transfer the music on the phone to the smart speaker. This audio Handoff is live on the Homepod mini. It allows “hand-off” music playback from iPhone to the smart speaker. The new feature is the release of the HomePod software 14.4.

HomePod mini has a built-in Apple’s U1 chip with ultra-wideband capabilities to detect nearby devices. The U1 chip introduced with the iPhone 11 is a radio communication technology that changes how the devices communicate with each other.

If you are hearing music on the iPhone 11 and close to the HomePod mini then, the music or podcast starts playing on the smart speaker. Previously, users hold their iPhones near the HomePod to transfer the music to or from the device.

The Handoff feature is a better option to transfer music playback from iPhone to the HomePod. It transferring the music from the iPhone to the HomePod quickly. The new visual and haptic when transferring sound between devices makes everything smooth. The iPhone is nearby the HomePod mini will get personalized listening suggestions and song recommendations.

These are the steps to use the Handoff functionality

1.) Open Settings on your iPhone.

2.) Tap General

3.)Tap AirPlay & Handoff.

4.)Tap the switch for Transfer to HomePod.

How to transfer audio from iPhone to HomePod

Transferring audio from iPhone to HomePod is to play any audio file on the iPhone and tap iPhone to the touchpad of the HomePod.

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