WhatsApp this week about privacy

WhatsApp has rumours about its new privacy policy and has delayed the update in India. WhatsApp is often upgrading its platform and about the new and upcoming features of the messaging app. This week’s updated news focused more on the new privacy policy and its reaction by people and experts. There is a couple of features that are expected to arrive in the app in the coming days. So, it was created a buzz in WhatsApp this week. Let’s discuss some features

Read Later feature: Read Later replace the archived chats feature. The archived chats are hidden forever unless unarchived. This feature isn’t available even to beta users yet.

New tones for calls: Adding new tones will appear when users accept, decline, or terminate a call. These tones are available in the beta version of the app and the latest WhatsApp for Android.

Privacy policy update delayed: WhatsApp has delayed its privacy policy update. The update was set for February 8 which has been delayed to launch in May.

WhatsApp tackles privacy debate with print ads: It published full-page ads to tackle concerns around its new privacy policy. “WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy,” the ad said.

WhatsApp faces legal hurdles over the new privacy policy: The petition claims in court that the messaging app was threatening national security by transmitting and storing user data in another country.

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