Co-WIN app to get Covid-19 vaccine in India

The Co-WIN app is currently in the pre-product stage and has the data of health officials who will be first in line to get the vaccination.
Healthcare workers fill the data into the COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network (CoWIN) app with a digital platform for vaccine distribution. There is a trial run of COVID-19 vaccine delivery systems, at a village near Gandhinagar, India.

Two Covid-19 vaccines were approved by the Drug Control General of India (DCGI)’s approval for restricted emergency use. Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech are ready to supply vaccines for the frontline workers followed by people who are above 50 years old. Then, the central government has initiated an application named Co-WIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work).

The IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on December 23, 2020, declared a challenge for enhancing the Co-Win system which will be a digitized platform in the country. Prasad even declared a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh and Rs 20 lakh for the top two contestants.

Currently, common people cannot register for the vaccine as now only officials have access to it for now. Once the app is running, it has four modules such as User administrator module, beneficiary registration, vaccination and beneficiary acknowledgment, and status updation.

The Co-WIN app will give three options for registration including self-registration, individual registration, and bulk upload. There will be government camps where people can go and officials registered them for the vaccine.

People have to upload a photo identity to register. It can be an Aadhar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, and others. Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has declared that the vaccination will be free for Healthcare workers.

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