Adobe ultimately pulls plug from Flash Player

Adobe had launched the Flash Player in 1996 as it brought animations to the web. Adobe terminated Flash software on December 31, 2020. Adobe is not going to block Flash content till January 12 but it will be removed from all the browsers. The websites which give games based on Flash and animations will also wipe out from there. Microsoft will also discard it from most of the versions of windows.

The people who belong to the pre-smartphone know its significance as this was the application used in the computers. The popular games, YouTube was supported by this Flash and also for the high-quality video.

Now, the world moved towards smartphones and Adobe which could not manage these changes. As, David Memdels, former executive vice president of products at Adobe said that “We had optimized for lower-end phones with Flash Lite. It was incredibly successful in places like Japan, but it wasn’t the same as the full desktop Flash. It wasn’t fully compatible,”.

In 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that Flash did not run on iPhones and iPads and called it a security threat and also the application drain the battery. Zynga also closed the original version of FarmVille on New Year’s eve which was based on Flash to run. Adobe asked users to uninstall Flash from their systems as it helps to secure your system.

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